Handmade, Handpainted

Art Treasure Boxes


Tissue Boxes

Price: $150 (With the exception of the Mother of Pearl Box)

Size: 12'' x 12'' x 5''

"Evening Bistro"



"Copper Lady" Klimt

"Walk in the Park" Monet


"Antonella" Vincent Bonami


"Victorian Farmhouse"


"Brick Lady" Tseung


"Brownish Floral"



"Abstact II" Kandinsky



"Abstract I" Kandinsky

"Elizabetta" Vincent Bonami


"Kiss" Klimt


"Christmas Shopping"



"Four Trees at Sunset"




"Girlfriend" Klimt


"Waiting at the Station" Renoir


"Opera" Erte



"Mother of Pearl Box" $250


"Serpent Woman" Klimt


"Woman with Flowers"


"Woman With Cats" Matisse


"Winged Victory" Erte


"Distraction" Kandinsky



Baby Seal


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